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CAT No. #82368

GBP LB Broth [MILLER BROTH] is the high-salt version of the lysogeny broth (also known as Luria-Bertani broth or Luria broth) routinely used maintenance and propagation of E. coli. Lysogeny broth (LB) is a nutrient-rich liquid medium commonly used in molecular biology and microbiology research. It was originally developed for the growth and propagation of bacteriophage lambda, but it is now widely used for the cultivation of a variety of bacterial strains. LB contains a combination of peptone, yeast extract, and sodium chloride, providing a source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals necessary for bacterial growth. It is a versatile medium suitable for various applications, including the growth of bacteria for plasmid DNA extraction, protein expression, and general microbiological studies.

Peptone (pancreatic digest of casein) 10 g/L
Yeast extract                                         5 g/L
Sodium chloride                                  10 g/L

Quick Direction
Dissolve 20 g per litre of water. Autoclave before use.

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