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Nuclease-free Water

Nuclease-free Water

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CAT No. #73025

GBP Nuclease-free Water is vigorously tested for the absence of nuclease activity in both prolonged ambient and accelerated degradation settings. Nucleases are enzymes that can break down nucleic acids, leading to degradation and loss of genetic material. It is crucial to use nuclease-free water to prevent unintended degradation of DNA or RNA during experimental procedures. Nuclease-free water undergoes rigorous purification processes, including filtration and treatment with enzymes or chemicals that can inactivate or remove nucleases. Nuclease-free water is commonly used for various applications in molecular biology, such as DNA or RNA sample preparation, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription PCR), next-generation sequencing, and other nucleic acid-based assays.

ddH2O (nuclease-free, sterile filtered + autoclaved)

Technical Specification

RNase activity

Not Detected

DNase activity

Not Detected

Test Completion Date

(shown in manual)

Nuclease Activity Assays
RNase and DNase activities were measured by storing size-selected bacterial genomic RNA (gRNA) and DNA (gDNA) under (1) prolonged storage setting (25℃, 1 month) and (2) accelerated degradation setting (37℃, 1 week). The degree of degradation evaluated by the shift in nucleic acid size distribution was compared with storing the same concentration of gRNA and gDNA in Tris-EDTA (pH 8.0) under the same temperature, time, and environmental settings.

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